Standard NFPA20

Industrial Trading č in grado di fornire gruppi di spinta costruiti secondo la severa norma NFPA 20, alla quale si aggiungono, a richiesta, i collaudi UL, ULC, FM e VDS.

Le pompe serie 4600 F rappresentano "lo stato dell'arte" della tipologia "split case", nata per unire ai migliori materiali, una curva caratteristica di pompa in grado di coprire un ampio campo di portate.

Per qualsiasi tipologia di pompa č garantita la costanza di rendimento nel tempo con interventi minimi di manutenzione.

Vantaggi del sistema:

Approvazioni UL, FM e ULC
Alta efficienza
Costanza nel rendimento
Diverse tipologie di applicazione
Quadri elettrici indipendenti

4600F Series


Horizontal split case
HSC fire pumps

Armstrong Holden Brooke Pullen takes you back to the future with the Series
4600 Horizontal Split Case (HSC) Pump for HVAC and industrial applications.

The Series 4600F, drawing on over 100 years of pump design expertise and leadership, is the state of the art in Horizontal Split Case pumps. It meets or exceeds the requirements of NFPA and testing laboratories involved in fire protection such as UL, ULC, and FM.
The family of pumps capitalise on the “Tilted Parting” concept to minimize turbulence at the eye of the impeller by its straight laminar approach, thus maximizing efficiency.
This also results in the lowest profile and minimum floor space of any HSC pump on the market today. The family was designed with commonality of parts, low installation cost, and ease of maintenance objectives.
The pumps compact sizes are ideally suited for space saving packages and retrofit applications.
With years of experience in package assembly for the fire protection industry, Armstrong can supply fire pump systems with all necessary accessories assembled and ready for site installation.

• Installation time reduced
• Simplifies piping design
• Single source unit responsibility
• A complete package that will meet NFPA-20 requirements

Horizontal fire systems

Fire Pump - Electric Driven
1. Pump/motor
2. Fire pump controller
3. Suction and discharge gauges
4. Air release valve
5. Casing relief valve (not shown)
6. Jockey pump
7. Common base

Accessories - Additional (Electric or Diesel)
8. Suction OS&Y gate valve
9. Discharge butterfly valve
10. Silent check valve
11. Test tee

Accessories - Special for Diesel
12. Main relief valve
13. Enclosed cone (not shown)

Special Mounting Features
14. By-pass line
• city by-pass with check valve
• flow meter by-pass (not shown)

Fire Pump - Diesel Engine Driven
1. Pump/engine assembled with
• cooling system
• fuel system
• battery system
• exhaust system
2. Fire pump controller
3. Suction and discharge gauges
4. Air release valve
6. Jockey pump
7. Common base

OO Features common to Electric and Diesel
OO Accessories - (Electric or Diesel)
OO Accessories - Special for Diesel
OO Special Mounting Features

4600F Series
Horizontal Split Case HSC Fire Pump -
Truly Superior


Fire pump coverage chart
Electrical 60 Hz

1750 rpm
3550 rpm

Note: Higher ranges may be available for diesel driven applications
Fire pump coverage chart
Electrical 50 Hz

2900 rpm

Note: Higher ranges may be available for diesel driven applications